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- Since 2000 intensively working on a bigger composition - its first notes written long before 2000, in 1992-  for a symphonic orchestra, jazz soloists, oriental & asiatic instruments, 2 narrators, vocal, piano and percussion...This 4.5 hour-long composition is based on religious texts and is a 'new' kind of a synthesis of music with a text, as the 'contemporary' or 'avantgarde' sort of an european opera in its actual form - probably - can't  be regenerated any more...

- Studio recordings for the 4th soloalbum, a "Schubert project"...Arrangement of some of the wonderful songs of Schubert, for example "Ave Maria", "Der Leiermann", "Gute Nacht" and others for a setting of chamber music with piano, vocal, an oriental musical instrument, double bass and percussion...Recorded in the intimate atmosphere of chamber music, very much stimulating for an interaction between the  four musical personalities...