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" My friend Orhan" (Interview about Orhan Pamuk, this year's winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature) Der Tagesspiegel (G.Dotzauer) 13.10.20066

"One can also sell ignorance  as a kind of tolerance !" (Interview about "Professional Turks"
in Germany whose career consists of just being a Turk and nothing else )
Der Tagesspiegel (Tissy Bruns) 26.9.2006

"Cry of the Butterfly" (Interview  about the 3rd soloalbum "Dreams and Dances of a Silent Butterfly" and Margit) Der Tagesspiegel (Philipp Lichterbeck), 3.8.2001001

Portrait - TIP 07.11.91

"I am making music and not working for the international understanding !" (About the "Literature of the Immigrant Workers, The Art of the Foreigners" and the latent racism in the cultural  establishment of the German - speaking countries )
Tagesanzeiger (Zürich / Rea Brändle), 17.10.1990

"The Revival of the epic kind of music - The Legend of Mount Ararat" (Analysis of the composition) Albrecht Dümling Leibniz-Gesellschaft für kulturellen Austausch
1987 Berlin, Mozaik Band 2