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Tayfun grew up in Istanbul, a cosmopolitan harbour city with nearly 15 million inhabitants. A pupil of Cemla Reschid Rey(1904-1985) - one of the founders of the `modern` music in Turkey and himself a pupil of the French composer Gabriel Faure and the piano virtuoso Marguerite Long - in piano, harmony and composotion. Simultaneously completing his BA in Economics at the "Bosphorus Unversity" in Istanbul. Later studying composition at the School of Music in Indiana University, Bloomington/USA (1980-82) with the Chilean composer Juan-Orrego Salas and counterpoint with Bernhard Heiden.

Since `82 living in Berlin as a composer and pianist. Recording Albums such as "Ararat-The Border Crossing", based upon the novel of Yashar Kemal (including amongst others Okay Temiz, drums and Süleyman Erguner, nay-flute) and "Eisen, Kohle & Zucker", awork based on the poems of Nazim Hikmet (including amongst others Otto Sander, recitation and Gebhard Ullmann, soprano sax). Writing concert rewievs in the newspaper "TAZ" and articles in magazines "Die Zeit", "Pflasterstrand" and others. Presenting conferences and radio programs about the westernisation of the traditional music in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey. Concerts in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey. Music for films and theater.

Since `92, in the process of a new creativity, composing more than 400 pieces with a "new sound" and since `95 more than half of them inspired by Margit. After 6 years of work (1994-2000) release of the 3rd soloalbum "Dreams and Dances of a Silent Butterfly" (2001) together with the "special guest" Renaud Garcia-Fons, the french-spanish virtuoso of double bass...Many praising  reviews of the CD in the newspapers and journals  like "Stereo","Süddeutsche Zeitung", "Frankfurter Rundschau" amongst others...